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- Neujahr Funregatta
- Fotos von den Camps 2005
- Kommentare mit Fotos von Campteilnehmern 2005
- Magazinberichte über das Dunkerbeck Windsurfing Center
- Fotos von Björn mit North Sails

Materialauswahl ..... weil Leichtwind war an diesem Tag haben alle
Teams Anfängerboards und große Segel (7.2 - 7.8m2) vom Windsurfcenter benützt.

Der Pit Stop ..... Superaktion und organisierte Hilfe von allen Teams!!

Die nächste Fotoserie ist vom letzten Rennen an diesen Tag - nur die Kapitäne und ein anderer Teamfahrer sind gestartet......... alle Prowindsurfer, die teilgenommen haben, sind zusammen in der erste Runde!

und wie ist das Rennen ausgegangen nach dem Pitstopwechsel??

Kay (Bjørns Team) ist sehr weit vorne ... Örjan, der selbst so weit vorne
war, ist auf den 4. Platz zurückgefallen. Vidars Team ist auf den 2. Platz
vorgerückt, gefolgt von Herki. Urmas Team ist vom 2. Platz auf den
letzten zurückgefallen !!!!

Fotos von Camps 2005

August Camp Gruppe

Juttas Gruppe Arinaga

Orjan Jensen, Camp Instruktor
Beobachte den windsurfer im hintergrund - so schnell ist der move ! !

Jose Manuel, C Gruppe

Bjorn mit Camp Gruppe .... das motiviert !

Side Shore Bungalows, Technik Training mit Jutta

Party time in Drop Inn, letzter Abend. Leonardo, Britt, Alberto, Carols and Paco

Jutta und Nicole

Komentaren mit fotos von Campteilnehmern 2005

Hi Britt,

I had a superb stay at the Dunkerbeck Windsurfing Center in July/August 2005. The camp was very good with Jutta as an excellent teacher, who helped me improve my sailing technique greatly. Lots of wind and sun, great windsurf spots and equipment, nice apartments, wonderful food and lovely people. What more could you ask for - I would love to come back in 2006!

Tommy, August Camp 2005

Hi Britt,
"Sunny weather, plenty of wind, excellent tuition and equipment, great apartments and loads of good food, all that was required for me to have an excellent holiday. My capabilities as a sailor have leaped forward through better technique, understanding and feeling, enabling me to enjoy sailing in all the conditions my home country, Ireland, has to offer from gentle breezes to mental conditions".

Christian, August Camp

Hi Britt
I had 2 wonderful weeks on Gran Canaria with lots of sun and wind every day.
You and Andy provided excellent service and the instructors Jutta and Orjan were more than great.
Off cause sailing in Pozo with a 3,7m? sail improved my sailing skill quite a bit, and with help from Orjan I almost nailed some new tricks. I sure hope to see you again in 2006.

Edwin and Cristian, October Camp 2005

Hello Britt,
One month after the camp I would like to let you know how good time I had!
Almost everything was fine. The one thing that really was not good was out of everyone's influence - you know what I mean... I kept a windsurflog for the week, the total count of time on water (TOW) is 18 hours of which 13 I count as real, planing hours. In 8 days this is not what I exepected of a windsurfholiday - better next time!

The instruction by Jutta was surprising for me. To go back to the basics with stance, trim upwind and so on even on a simulator proved to be very instructive and useful. The TOW with Orjan was very nice also, I am convinced this will help a lot when learning fancy things. The different approach and attitude of the two instructors was a good variety. Jutta being disciplined and strict and Orjan more relaxed and aimed at fun.

The week I got home it got a bit windy in Holland so I took a day off to go sailing on the North Sea. I was shocked by the wind (7 bft) and waves (2+m. breaking waves). That was exactly what I had expected in Gran Canaria, but now I was not optimally prepared for it. I had good fun though, so I did it again on saturday and sunday. Using my own gear it was surprising to see my own strange harnesslines position and length. I discovered I had learned a lot in the camp! I also discovered that is still a lot to be learned off course, but that is the fun of windsurfing. Everyone on his/her own level can keep on learning and get the kick of new things, going faster, higher, smoother etc.

Besides the surfing, I had a very pleasant time with campmate Cris. We had good food, good lunchbags, pleasant dinners. For example, good thing to rent bikes when there's no wind and good service that is.

I am almost sure I will come back next year. I hope to join a camp in summer then so I will have the famous Gran Canarian summer wind that makes the TOW only be limited by my own shape and the length of the days!
Some more things I hope then are a little bit bigger group (although the almost private instruction was pure luxery), with Cris again, and maybe I'll bring a dutch surffriend. I would also appreciate more video-training. I know Zina filmed us on the last day, can you send this film by e-mail or post it somewhere on a website please?

Good luck with the school. If you want to, I can make some sort of advertisement on the dutch internet windsurf-forum. But I will only do that after I have my own campreservation made sure, so please let me know if you have new dates planned!

All the best to you and everyone in the center,

Hello Britt,
Hello Edwin
Inspierd by Edwin I wanted to tell you that even with my initial ear infection it was still a great holiday. The training was excellent, Edwin's company was excellent, the staff was excellent, friendly and helpful. As Edwin said, the big minus was the wind. One thing you may want to consider is to make possible credit card payment through internet. I know you do not have many people coming from US, but the wire transfer would be quite expensive. Thank you again for waiving it. That was the other good option.
I will like to be back in one or more of the future camps, where I hope Edwin and I can arrange to meet again.
Please say Hello to everybody there. Hope to see all of you next year

Magazinberichte über das Dunkerbeck Windsurfing Center

Fit for Fun, 12.05

Surf A Vela, Spanien
Februar: It's winter time. Playa del Aguila Story von: Britt Dunkerbeck

** Zwei Tagen Wintersturm. Normale konditionen in Aguila ist flachwasser**

Windsurf Magazine, Holland
Story: Big Wedensday April

** Zwei Tagen Wintersturm. Normale konditionen in Aguila ist flachwasser**

Windsurf Magazine, Holland
Fortg. Camp news 9.05

Surf A Vela, Spanien
Fortg. Camp News 9.05

Fotos von Björn mit North Sails

Playa del Aguila – San Augustin - Gran Canaria